Problems with 1.3CVS

Joachim Ansorg jansorg at
Tue Oct 31 22:25:35 UTC 2000


> fixed, please update.

SHIFT+F8 (compile single file) still gives the error (make called with 
compiler arguments).

AND: With KDE 1.1.2 I can't quit the compiling process by pressing F10 or 
choosing the connected menu item (Compile->Stop). After doing it it hangs 
(KDevelop is hanging and not usable).

AND: If I remove or add a non-source file (e.g. an icon, text file or 
whatever) all file are regneretaed. But it would be only 
necessary to updat the of the directory where I added the file. 
A second problem is that removing (I don't know about adding) non-source 
files leads to a complete source reparsing, which takes long and is 

Sorry for the abuse of this answer :)

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