How's the good way to dock an app?

Richard Moore rich at
Tue Oct 31 15:31:25 UTC 2000

Chema wrote:
> Oct 2000 20:09, escribiste:
> > Your libpng is buggy. You should make sure you are running
> > version 1.0.7.
> >
> > Rich.
> >
> Hi Rich
> I use libpng 2.1.0-190.

That's the number for the package, not the library version
itself. There is a bug in 1.0.8 which is affecting Qt/KDE.
You should either recompile Qt to use its own copy of libpng
or install libpng 1.0.7.

I see from your other message that you've got things working
now, but you should still fix your png library as it may cause
problems elsewhere.


> Do you say that I must to take an old one?
> Regards
> Chema

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