Q: Howto connect MultiLineEdit to mainview?

Berndt Josef Wulf wulf at ping.net.au
Sun Oct 29 08:22:09 UTC 2000


it's for some time that I've been using kdevelop for C++ applications,
mainly for study purposes. However, it's only now that I've an
application that uses a GUI.

I had no problems following the HelloWorld tutorial, but when trying
to implement an applications that uses two MultiLineEdit widgets, I
failed to produce the desired result - e.g. the widgets don't show up
on the main view.

I would be greatful if someone could point me to a tutorial, or a
example code that shows me how this is done.

This is the current status:

        1.) created new project using normal kde template
	    that includes standard menus and toolbar.

	2.) created GUI using dialog editor consisting of
	    two MultiLineEdit widgets (edit window, output window).

	3.) created source code for GUI creating widgetmain.h,
	    widgetmain.cpp and widgetmaindata.cpp

	4.) got stuck... what's next? :(

The project currently consists of following files:

test.h, testdoc.h, testview.h, resource.h, widgetmain.h, main.cpp,
ktest.cpp, testdoc.cpp, testview.cpp, widgetmain.cpp,

I've done the same project using Delphi and CBuilder without any
problems, but for some reason don't seem to get the hang using kdevelop
at the moment.

Systeminfo: kdevelop-1.2, NetBSD-1.5Alpha2

Please reply to me in privat if this question isn't appropriate
on this mailing list - see email address in signature.

Many thanks in advance

Greetings from Adelaide

cheerio Berndt
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