Bug report for KDE1.2

Dmitri Livotov dmitri at livotov.org
Sat Oct 28 11:50:30 UTC 2000

Hi, here is what I found when tried to use KDevelop with a custom projects
(non QT and non GNOME). I'm using wxWindows , so I've added necessary
compiler flags (`wx-config --cflags` to the "compiler options ->
additional options" and linker flags ('wx-config --clibs' to the "linker
options -> additional options") in the KDevelop's "Project ->
Options" dialog. So project builds fine after that, but when I'm creating
the distribution tar.gz file form the KDevelops' "Project -> Make
Distribution -> tar.gz" menu, the distribution builds without all of my 
custom options, so when I run 'configure' and then 'make', project fails
to build.

I thougt, KDevelop should transfer all of custom flags to the distribution
to allow 'configure' work properly, isn't it ?

Bets regards,

dmitri at livotov.org

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