kde2 libs_docs on kdevelop 1.2

Chema jmolles at airtel.net
Thu Oct 26 08:28:01 UTC 2000

> yes, if kdoc -v says 1.14 (< 2.0.35a) you need to update kdoc and
> uninstall the one you have before. The kdelibs docs are generated from
> the kdelibs sources so if you took kdelibs as a tarball you can set the
> path to the untarred kdelibs directory.
> Sorry, I didn´t want to sound offending, It´s just we don´t take it very
> serious here if someone says, hey, look, this is simple ;) we want to be
> friendly if we say so as a friend ;)
> Ralf
Hi Ralf:
You don't offend me OK?
I solved (more or less) the problem.I make symlink to my new libs_doc dir. on 
the old libs_doc dir & at least I can see the new docs.But I still have 
problems with one file called search_result.html.If I haven't one I can't see
the results of a search,& if I install an old one I found I only see always 
the same result.
Who generate this file? How can I make another file that works?

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