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Tue Oct 24 16:46:20 UTC 2000

Eric Klumpp wrote:

> Hello,
> I use KDevelop 1.2 since it was available, and I haven't problems yet.
> But I installed the Redhat 7.0 for a week, and I'm not able to compile
> any more. The compiler doesn't find any files of the Qt lib that I have
> included in my files.
> The Redhat 7.0 doesn't provide Glimpse, Glimpseindex and htsearch that
> are search at the configuration. I have looked in, and I
> found the lib directories of Qt 1.45 and Qt 2.2.0. I think it is the
> problem. Can someone confirm it ?
> Thanks for your response.
> Eric

Well, if the compiler doesn't find your files there might be some path
setting wrong.
If it fails to find the includes while compiling, have a look at your
QTDIR variable: Does it
point to the right directory? Are you maybe trying to compile a QT2
application using the QT1.45 path?
If the linking step fails maybe you have to add the QT libdir to the
Why don't you tell us the error output from your compiler - it's easier to
find the reason with these messages.

Btw: As far as I know the default RH7.0 compiler is gcc2.96 which actually
is a *development* version,
not an official release (see the gcc pages about that). So be prepared for
some surprises...


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