Probs with kdevelop V 1.2-12

Ralf Nolden nolden at
Tue Oct 17 08:03:06 UTC 2000

Werner Modenbach wrote:

> Hi Ralf,
> I know it's getting a little OT. I couldn't get the RH7.0 version of kdevelop
> to work. So I removed all the related packets and installed the kdk1.2 RPM.
> After some adjustments (in the doc parts) it seems to work now.
> Unfortunately it seems I have to replace the compiler as well (as you mentioned
> before). I couldn't find infos on the RH website. Any experiences for your side?

As far as I know RH put a development version of gcc on the 7.0 which
can´t even be used to compile the kernel. So you´re probably be better
off installing 6.2 if you still want to stick with RH. Ralf Funken has
RH 6.2 and only good experiences with it.
As far as KDevelop goes you should definetly install it by
self-compiling the kdk-1.2 as we had too many reporting crashes where
there weren´t any reasons - just because the rpms were crappy ;-)

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