masque de creation

Tim Colgate tim at vip.tim
Mon Oct 16 11:36:15 UTC 2000

On Fri, 13 Oct 2000, Amphone wrote:
> Bonjour,
> Nous sommes une ecole d'informatique et nous travaillons sous kdevelop
> 1.2, nous travaillons avec la notion de groupe pour l'acces aux fichiers
> avec un umask de 007
> Le probleme est que kdevelop 1.2 genere les fichiers tel que la
> documention en 755 ce qui est genant puisque les autres utilisateurs
> n'ont plus droit d'acceder aux fichiers sauf si le proprietaire fait un
> chmod.
> En fait kdevelop 1.2 ne tiend pas compte des masques de creation de
> fichiers et de repertoires .
> lish:
>                                        Hello, We are a data processing
> school and we work under kdevelop 1.2, we work with the
>                                        concept of group for the accesses
> to the files with a umask of 007 the problem is that
>                                        kdevelop 1.2 genere the files
> such as the documention into 755 what is genant since the
>                                        other users do not have any more
> right of acceder to the files except if the owner makes a
>                                        chmod. In fact kdevelop 1.2 tiend
> not account of the masks of creation of files and
>                                        repertoires.

The problem here seems to be that:

a) There is a group of people.
b) For general Unix work everybody in the group uses a umask of 007
c) This means that everyone in the group has read AND WRITE access to everybody
else's files
d) In kdevelop, the umask is not respected; files are created with mode 755
i.e. other members do not have write access to created files (like

IMO this appears to be a (minor) problem in kdevelop, in that files should be
created mode 666 from kdevelop and the OS should apply umask.

Using version control software (CVS/RCS) to get round the problem, might not be
convenient due to the way they work.

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