problem with linking additional library

mh moloch at
Sat Oct 7 13:01:16 UTC 2000

even after searching the list archive, I'm still unable to link an additional
library to my project.
The project is a "pure" Qt2.2.x application, that was generated with the
app wizard based on the "Qt2.1 MDI" template. I've replaced the generated
files (main.cpp etc.) with my own implementations.
When I now try to link an additional library, I get a (IMHO) strange error.
Let's say, I add -lbla to "additional libraries" in the linker tab of the
dialog that appears when I choose the "Project->Options" menu.
I have a symlink under /usr/local/lib which points to
When I now try to run my app, I get the following error at linking stage:

g++: /usr/local/lib/.libs/ No such file or directory

When I add the absolute path to the "Project->Options" dialog like
/usr/local/lib/, everything works fine.

If I generate a Makefile with tmake and add a line 
LIBS = -lbla 
to the .pro file, everything works too. Therefore I don't think there's a
problem with my installation.

Does someone have an explanation why the library is searched under
/usr/local/lib/.libs ?

Thanks a lot

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