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Jeffrey Stephens jsteve17 at
Wed Oct 4 23:46:54 UTC 2000

Sorry to keep writing but I thought of something else.  I am running Redhat
6.2.  To install gide I think you may need
guile and umb-scheme.  Both are in rpm form on my Redhat install CD and it's
a simple matter to install them.  There, I think that's it.


Jeff Stephens

Erik Hjelmås wrote:

> Hi,
> I work at a college where we're considering switching to Linux starting
> with the programming classes. We've used Borlands c++ compiler for the
> last 6-7 years I think. Here's my problem;
> - emacs is to tough for many of the beginners whose just taking one or two
> programming classes
> - kwrite and gcc is a combination, but gdb i to tough as a debugger
> I would like to use Kdevelop from day one, but isn't there any way I can
> program simple C++ programs without creating a whole projects with dousins
> of files?
> Is there any chance Kdevelop will give me this option in the future?
> I would like to use Kdevelop because its seems very easy to both program,
> compile and debug for beginners (and of course offers so much more later
> on in the classes).
> hope this wasn't off topic, if so I apologize
> cheers,
> /Erik
> ****************************
> Erik Hjelmås    erikh at

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