seperate source from kdevelop

Dan Clemmensen danc at
Tue Oct 3 12:17:53 UTC 2000

William Bryan wrote:
> Does anyone have notes on how to seperate a program source from
> Kdevelop.
> I would like to develop under kdevelop, but if I wanted to give source
> to someone -
> I would like to give them source and a make file (in case they do not
> have kdevelop.

Hi, William. 
In contrast to other IDEs, KDevelop is specifically designed to comply
with the Unix/Linux defacto standard for source packages. If you
do a "make distribution", everything gets rolled up into a tarball
(a single zipped tar archive file.) Anybody that can deal with a "standard"
source package can then do the usual ./configure;make to build the system,
just like the majority of modern Linux source packages. This works
because KDevelop stores the information needed to build the project in
GNU-standard files (,, etc.) instead of maintaining
a completely separate model of the project the way several other IDEs do.
that's why there is no need to "export" a project to create a GNU-standard
makefile. Note that KDevelop does maintain additional project state info
in a separate file , the .kdeprj file. However, this stuff is mostly
additional information for the KDevelop GUI: the "standard" files contain
the info needed to actually do the build.

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