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Thu Nov 30 08:21:55 GMT 2000

On Mit, 29 Nov 2000 Daniel wrote:
> I would not recommend Together 4.1 which I tested last week.
> Since it provides both way engineering for C++ and Java, it seemed
> promising... And I use both languages extensively, so it is really
> interesting.
> I've known about Together since version 1.0 I think. Back then, I was
> trying to run it under JDK1.0 with a Sun Solaris box... it was slow...
> so slow...
> Now, it runs fast. I would say it isn't there yet as far as speed is
> concerned, but given all the work it does, it is fine. Those of you who
> have a 1,000 Mhz computer will think it is ok.
> The problem is elsewhere. It is a dangerous tool. The editor doesn't
> backup your changes and if an extension is thrown (anything, but often
> and OutOfMemoryException can occur on modest projects...), then, it will
> rewrite your code... leaving out the pieces it could not get at due to
> the exception.
> Finally, together, on a modest project (say 20-50 classes) will easily
> require 200 Megs on its own to run smoothly. I really mean it. That's
> how much memory you won't have for other applications. The thing is a
> monster... it loads stuff up and never releases the memory...
> Obviously, the tool has been optimized for speed, not memory usage!
> So, if you have a 1,000 Mhz computer with 512 Megs of ram and you are
> backing your files manually ever 15 minutes... it is fine.
Hi Daniel,

thank you for letting me participate in your experiences.
I did some testing as well and want to let you share.
(Please let me know if I'm to much OT - I know it is a kdevelop list!)

1) Rational Rose:
I testet Rational Rose (currently only on WinXX but the Linux Beta is coming
out this year).
What I don't like is the way they modify my C++ code. It is covered with
comment lines containing ID-numbers etc. . It gets hard to read. So I think if
you decide for Rational Rose you have to swich your complete development. On
the other hand it is fast and very stable.

2) Together 4.2
It's based on JAVA - means running on Linux. Positive!
It doeasn't modify my code, it's like kdevelop parsing the code to get the
classes when reengineering. No ID-comments etc. . 
The style of headers, code and comments is perfectly fitting with mine (and
kdevelops) when adding methods etc. . The docstyle is JavaDoc :-)).
The initial diagrams are much better than those of Rational - better
arrangements. Sequence diagrams are excellent, you can even edit them and
update the code from your graphical modifications!
But now the odds: Memory consumption is horrible and after a while it eats up
all your resources. I think it has a lot of memory leaks.
Because of its nature (Java and continuous class parsing) it is slow.
OK, I tested it on a 800 MHz/128 MB. I'll see how it runs on my new 
2 x 800 MHz/256 MB which is (hopefully) coming tomorrow :) .
I recognized that it crashed my X-server several times when run on another
machine and the display exported to my machine via X11. This didn't happen with
local display.

Conclusion: Both tools are comparable in price (and much to expensive!!!)
I dont go with Rational Rose because I don't want to do graphical software
engineering but want to stay closer with the code.
Together seems to be OK for me since I don't want to use it continuously to
create code. I want to use it only for making diagrams and keeping the overview
in my multi developer projects.

I hope this all is of some use for the developer comunity on the list here.

- Werner -

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