Kdevelop 1.2 and Mandrake 7.2 and KDE2

Joachim Ansorg jansorg at gmx.de
Sun Nov 26 15:33:16 GMT 2000


I had the same problem and I thinkI found a solution.
The linker uses the kde1-compat/lib/*.la files to see which libraries should 
be used.
But it contains "libdir=/usr/lib" which is the KDE2 directoryso the KDE1-apps 
links to KDE2 libs which is a mess -> it fails.

The solution is to correct the *.la files.
I attached a script to do this.
Apply with:

cd /usr/lib/kde1-compat/lib
if it applied correctly remove la-backups which contains the old files

Then run configure of KDE1 apps with

KDEDIR=/usr/lib/kde1-compat QTDIR=/usr/lib/qt ./configure

It works for me and I hope it does also help you.


> Like other posters on here I am having problems compiling Kdevelop 1.2
> under Mandrake 7.2
> The libraries qt-1.44-28mdk and kde1-compat are correctly installed (or at
> least they seem to be).
> My first attempt at running ./configure with no arguements being passed
> resulted in a failure with the script being unable to locate, kurl.h,
> kapp.h and qvaluelist.h in the proper paths.
> find . -name "kurl.h" and find . -name "kapp.h" located these files in
> /usr/lib/kde1-compat.
> qvaluelist.h was a bit of an oddity, it appeared under /usr/lib/qt2 but not
> under /usr/lib/qt.
> I read through the arguements that could be passed to the configure script
> and ran it with ./configure --prefix=/usr/lib/kde1-compat.
> This time it found the header files but failed at the linking stage telling
> me that it couldn't do the linking and that I should make sure that qt and
> kdelibs were compiled using the same compiler that I was using now.
> Now, as far as I am concerned, a Linux distro should have been compiled
> using the same compiler that gets installed by the distro.
> The one possible solution is to get the source code for qt-1.44 and kdelibs
> and compile it myself (with no guarantee that it will work) but after
> wasting a significant amount of time I don't know whether I can be bothered
> any more.
> Does anyone have any other ideas as to how I can get this to work?
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