C++ templates

Benjamin Ellis bmellis at uark.edu
Thu Nov 16 22:14:07 GMT 2000

> My Problem is that I'd like to implement a class-contructor, that takes  the
> generic types of my template as argument. When I'm defining the method
> within  the class declaration, everything works fine, but after spliting the
> class code apart, into .cpp and .hpp the compiler nervs me, that the > > 
>constructor's arguments are not enough defined... Could anyone help me?

I'm not sure if this will answer your question or not... but say you have 
this class declaration:


template <class T> 
class MyClass

     void SomeFunction();


you would therefore, in a seperate file, declare the function definitions as 


template <class T>
MyClass<T>::MyClass(T genericDataType)

and ...

template <class T>
void MyClass<T>::SomeFunction()


Remember, even if some of your class methods don't use the template type, 
they still have to be defined as a template function.

hope that helps.. make sure you pay attention to how the class methods are 
written in the .cpp file as shown above.


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