How to build makefile for cross platforms

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Wed Nov 8 10:59:57 GMT 2000

On Tue, 07 Nov 2000, you wrote:
> I'm using KDevelop on Linux to build daemons that will run on both linux and
> solaris.  The problem is, that solaris requires me to use -lsocket -lnsl
> which is not applicable to linux.  Is there a way that I can use autoconf or
> specify somehow in the project to make a solaris version and a linux
> version?  Does this make sense?

>From autoconf documentation on :

Macro: AC_PATH_X
         Try to locate the X Window System include files and libraries. If the
     user gave the command line options `--x-includes=dir' and
     `--x-libraries=dir', use those directories. If either or both were not
     given, get the missing values by running xmkmf on a trivial `Imakefile'
     and examining the `Makefile' that it produces. If that fails (such as if
     xmkmf is not present), look for them in several directories where they
     often reside. If either method is successful, set the shell variables
     x_includes and x_libraries to their locations, unless they are in
     directories the compiler searches by default.

     If both methods fail, or the user gave the command line option
     `--without-x', set the shell variable no_x to `yes'; otherwise set it to
     the empty string.

         An enhanced version of AC_PATH_X. It adds the C compiler flags that X
     needs to output variable X_CFLAGS, and the X linker flags to X_LIBS. If X
     is not available, adds `-DX_DISPLAY_MISSING' to X_CFLAGS.

     This macro also checks for special libraries that some systems need in
     order to compile X programs. It adds any that the system needs to output
     variable X_EXTRA_LIBS. And it checks for special X11R6 libraries that
     need to be linked with before `-lX11', and adds any found to the output
     variable X_PRE_LIBS.


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