QT Designer source files

Benjamin Ellis bmellis at uark.edu
Fri Nov 3 07:50:54 GMT 2000

> the build system does this automatically for you when you select make.
> Hmm. another option would be to call make from a rmb menu entry in the
> LFV/RFV, but I´m about to head off for the shows, so if someone wants to
> implement this...I just got my laptop almost ready and still have to do
> the presentations with KPresenter, get a new passport today etc...
> Ralf

Yeah, i figured out that you can view the files in the subdirectory your code 
is in once you have ran make and it's generated.  I just like to make sure 
the code is structured good and written how i like it before I use it, and 
not put all my faith into qt designer.


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