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Serge Lussier serge.lussier at videotron.ca
Thu Nov 2 19:38:33 GMT 2000

Benjamin Ellis wrote:

> I haven't had much time to look at what is going in KDevelop2, but I was
> thinking about a really cool feature today when I was day dreaming in
> anthropology.  It's not a new feature in that it has not been done, it's
> actually in Microsoft Visual C++ 6.  What i'm talking about is what I call
> function completion and hints.  I'm talking about the way you can start
> typing out your class function definitions, for example, and the IDE will
> have a small popup that will show all possible functions or variables names
> that match what you have typed so far, so you can click which one you want,
> or press space if it's one the function or variable you need.  It's kind of
> like the URL completion in Konqueror.  Another thing this does is it
> reconizes when you're typing in a function, it will have a small popup that
> shows what the argument types are or has a scroll list for each function by
> that name.

Hey, I have to say I am just starting to work on something like this for my own use.
I said "I am starting for my own use" but if it works, then  what about submitting it ?

I saw that there is already a class parser into the  Kdevelop api but only for the current local
header files of the project. It uses Flex/yacc stuff (which I don;t understand how to use) .

My experiences in interpreting complex text files tell me that it is a nightmare/stupid to hardcode
keywords/tokens interpreter and decision maker directly in C/C++ code.

Thus, since I don't want to know (F)lex/yacc stuff, I decided to write my own scripting to engine
complex text interpretation.  I 've already made it for a company I worked for.

In the first form (personal  use), my goal is to :
 - Have a working classes database. ( MySQL or my own data manager )
 - To be able to browse the database by index and keys (relations).

If the first form is a success then in the final form my goal is :
 - Learn the Kdevelop and Kwrite API's.
    ( So you Kdevelop maintainers, I will surely ask you some hints ... )
- code-completion
- Make Dialogs to create and manage QT signals and slots.

All the stuff I write is from scratch ...
I am doing it for fun during my free time. It is a personal project.

Please tell me you whish me chance and good success for what I am starting....


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