KDevelop feature touch-up request

Mark Johnson mark.johnson at onfiber.com
Wed Nov 1 18:53:16 GMT 2000

If I could throw a some of features in the mill, it would be:

1) have KDevelop remember the header/source templates that I used last when
I start up a new project instead
of me having to navigate.  The last one used should be the default, instead
of the hardcoded one.

2) have KDevelop remember the state of the "insert header/cpp-template to
added files" - it always defaults to add them.  Typcially, I have a couple
of projects going and since I can't figure out how to use a common source
tree I have to add files from one project to another.  Since, project A
already added the comment template if i forget to click off the checkbox
they get re-added when I add the files to project B.

3) in the Search in Files dialog box have all the buttons in one place,
namely the Clear and Done buttons should be under the
Search and Cancel button (there's plenty of room).  There's no hot key for
Clear as far as I can tell and it's kind of a pain using the mouse because
you have to move to one side of the dialog to do a search and then move to
the other side of the dialog to clear the search results. Things seem too

These are all cosmetic issues and I've probably overstep my bounds by
listing so many requests. I have just started programming in unix/linux (my
background is Windows) and using KDevelop for writing daemons, so I don't
know if I'm qualified to contribute changes to the KDevelop project.

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