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Jonathan Drews j.e.drews at worldnet.att.net
Thu Jun 29 02:53:42 BST 2000


  Can anyone tell me where the KDE Directory is on Mndrake Linux? I get
the following message when I try to access the C C++ Help in Kdevelop 1.0:

The C/C++ Reference is not installed.  Please get the package
"c_c++_reference.tar.gz" from the KDevelop Homepage at


and copy it to your KDE-directory.   Untar it with  "tar zxvf 
c_c++_reference.tar.gz "  to install the reference.


I have the file c_c++_reference.tar.gz  and have installed it in
/usr/include/kde and /usr/doc/kdelibs-devel-1.1.2 but without success.

Any suggestions would be heartily appreciated.

                 Jonathan Drews

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