Pierre BINGUY pierre.binguy at c-s.fr
Fri Jun 23 16:35:11 BST 2000


I am a C/C++ programmer, I build Wondows (Win32) applications.
I am interested to discover Linux World and carry my codes on KDE
I am working about this for some days ... but I am looking for an
information anywhere (web, developers forums, books ...) and I can't
find it.
Nowhere I can find HOW to link a File-Descriptor (provided by opening
TCP connexion) with a SLOT function to know when I can find data to

The basic Linux-Gnu functions (select() , FD_SET()...) are blocking so
it's not an available way...
I think I have to use connect(), KSocket object and "signal/slot"
associated functions... but I don't get success !!!
Is there some little example about it (or a book talking about Qt/KDE
with TCP/IP connections) ?

Thank you for your help.

Pierre BINGUY (France).

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