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OS owensavill at
Fri Jun 16 20:43:11 BST 2000

I agree with your last statement. There is a setup entry for the Qt2 and
KDE2 library paths so why not for Qt and KDE ?

Moreover, when creating a new project it always falls over because it states
that "Your system is no able to compile a small KDE application, check if you
installed the KDE header files correctly". This is not really the problem !
Looking into the build script you find :

cat > conftest.$ac_ext <<EOF
#include <stdio.h>
#include "confdefs.h"
#include <kapp.h>

int main() {
    printf("kde_htmldir=\\"%s\\"\n", KApplication::kde_htmldir().data());
    printf("kde_appsdir=\\"%s\\"\n", KApplication::kde_appsdir().data());
    printf("kde_icondir=\\"%s\\"\n", KApplication::kde_icondir().data());
    printf("kde_sounddir=\\"%s\\"\n", KApplication::kde_sounddir().data());
    printf("kde_datadir=\\"%s\\"\n", KApplication::kde_datadir().data());
    printf("kde_locale=\\"%s\\"\n", KApplication::kde_localedir().data());
    printf("kde_cgidir=\\"%s\\"\n", KApplication::kde_cgidir().data());
    printf("kde_confdir=\\"%s\\"\n", KApplication::kde_configdir().data());
    printf("kde_mimedir=\\"%s\\"\n", KApplication::kde_mimedir().data());
    printf("kde_toolbardir=\\"%s\\"\n", KApplication::kde_toolbardir().data());
    printf("kde_bindir=\\"%s\\"\n", KApplication::kde_bindir().data());
    printf("kde_partsdir=\\"%s\\"\n", KApplication::kde_partsdir().data());
    return 0;

 ac_compile='${CXX-g++} -c $CXXFLAGS $all_includes $CPPFLAGS conftest.$ac_ext'
 if { (eval echo configure:5326: \"$ac_compile\") 1>&5; (eval $ac_compile) 2>&5; }; then
   echo "$ac_t""yes" 1>&6
   { echo "configure: error: your system is not able to compile a small KDE application!
Check, if you installed the KDE header files correctly." 1>&2; exit 1; }

Remove the above goto Project -> Options -> Compiler Options, select something
to make it reconfigure on exit from the options dialog. Configuration now
succeeds and the project compile, builds, debugs etc. etc.. 

I realise that 'in theory' something may be missing, but it seems to me that
making this a show stopper is a bit over the top, when all that may be needed
is a warning of some kind.

The last time I mentioned these problems I got well flamed ! I am glad to see
a more serious attitude to these problems, thankyou.


On Fri, 16 Jun 2000, you wrote:
> Am Don, 15 Jun 2000 schrieb OS:
> > ...and yet ANOTHER "cannot find Qt library" problem !!!!!!!!
> > 
> > This is getting tedious (and I don't mean me going on about it !)
> > 
> I agree absolutely.
> But what do you think should be the proper solution?
> Don't you think we should solve it somehow in the distribution instead
> reclaiming for to many people having a problem with the distribution?
> All I would like to have is
> ./configure
> mmake
> make install
> A simple question for entering the Qt-path instead of terminating the script
> would be the easyest. Don't you think so?
> - Werner -
> BTW: For me the work of kdevelop is outstanding! Thre might be just little
> things to be improved. One of them should be when creating a new project to
> indicate if it is based on qt-1.* or qr 2.*. The paths for qt and kde shouldn't
> depend on environment variables but should be part of the setup.
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> ALC Computertechnik GmbH

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