KDE 2.0beta2

Stefano Gragnani sgragnani at interfree.it
Fri Jun 16 13:42:47 BST 2000


OK! I have downloaded KDE 2 beta2 before it is officially released but now
that KDE 2beta2 IS officially released I have controlled the checksums.md5
file of the actual official release with the checksum.md5 of the release
that I have downloaded (and, naturally, with the result of md5sum command on
my downloaded files xaa, ..) and the result is OK the files are identical.
If I unbizip2 and untar the file that I obtain after, for example, the
command cat x* > kde1.91.bz2 I obtain the directory of the full KDE 2beta2
distribution, the file INSTALL report generics installation instructions
(./configure, make, make install). The configure script don't report errors
but the make command print that there is not to do with the 'all' rule.
There is anyone that can help me?

... sorry for my english!!

      Now in the FTP directory there are also the links at the x* files. I
have downloaded the file kde-qt-addon1.91.tar.bz2, this file correspond to
xbb but for the kde-qt-addon1.91.tar.bz2 is possible to use unbizip2 to
extract the files but with xbb unzip2 report a CRC error (obviously but

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> Stefano Gragnani wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I have resolved the problem, when the various files xaa, xab, ... are
> > concatenated with cat I get a bzip2 file but now I have problems with
> > (configure dont print errors).
> KDE2beta2 is not finished yet. Please, wait until it is released. Some
> are still changing from hour to hour there.
> Bye,
> F at lk
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