Qt Documentation

Christoph Walzer a8802616 at unet.univie.ac.at
Fri Jun 16 10:16:42 BST 2000

Hi !

Sorry to bother you with a somewhat stupid
question. I got me Qt 2.1.1 recently. Developing
with kdevelop 1.1 works fine for both Qt 1.44 and
Qt 2.1.1. But I am stuck with a kind of "cosmetic"
problem. Changing the Qt documentation path
to the new directory (qt-2.1.1/doc/html) changes
only the index page of the Qt library documentation
in the documentation tree to the proper file. The leaves
(i.e. the class documentation files) are still the ones of
qt-1.44. Obviously I have overseen some configuration
details. Can someone give me a tip how to update
the Qt documentation subtree ? 

Thanx !

Christoph Walzer

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