KDE 2.0beta2

Stefano Gragnani sgragnani at interfree.it
Mon Jun 12 18:48:43 BST 2000


I have resolved the problem, when the various files xaa, xab, ... are
concatenated with cat I get a bzip2 file but now I have problems with make
(configure dont print errors).

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From: "Michael Häckel" <Michael.Haeckel at stud.uni-bayreuth.de>
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At 19:53 11.06.00 +0200, Il Carattere snc wrote:

>I have downloaded the KDE2.0 beta2 sources from
>ftp://ftp.kde.org/pub/kde/unstable/distribution but now I have qaa, xaa,
>xab, .... what I must make in order to get the sources?

You'll have to wait until KDE2.0 beta2 is released and then download the
real sources :-)

Michael Häckel

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