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B.V.L.S.Prasad shiva at
Mon Jun 5 18:12:20 BST 2000

	Hello!! Dale,
	I am a beginner to Kdevelop.
I have rh6.2 on my system,I loaded , kdev1.2...binary rpm file...
I saw the example documentation of "My first Project with KAppWizard".
When I press create button, I am getting the following error.. 

configure: error: Qt (>= 1.42 and < 2.0) (libraries) not found. Please
check your installation! 
warning: KscriptDoc inherits unknown class 'QObject'
warning: KscriptView inherits unknown class 'QWidget'
warning: KscriptApp inherits unknown class 'KTMainWindow'
make: ***
No rule to make target `messages
.  Stop.

but , kdeve1.2 setup didnt throw errors on my face...
and my qt-1.45 is in its standard place..i.e../usr/lib/qt-1.45

where is the mistake ???? 
I am unable to build the example program provided in the documentation..
the make in the build menu is also  not working....

Do I have to write some where , some environment variable like QTDIR, 
if so, where , ??????
please help in this regard....

thankyou very much in advance..

anticipating the solution...

Be Happy,
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