Weird error message

Marcus Schwickert schwick at
Mon Jun 5 15:51:41 BST 2000

Hi everybody!
I'm working on a small project and suddenly I had problems to compile one
of my classes. I REMed more and more of the class PROGRAMDIALOG but the
error message stays:

... programdialog.o: In function 'QSenderObject type_info function'
gmake[1]: Leaving directory ....

...programdialog.cpp:24: undefined reference to
'ProgramDialog::QPaintDevice virtual table'

...programdialog.cpp:24: undefined reference to 'ProgramDialog virtual

collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

Can anybody help me??? I'm using SUSE6.4, kdevelop1.1 on a PII 300.

Tanks in advance, SCHWICK 

  Marcus Schwickert						
  II. Physikalisches Institut	Tel. +49 0551 397630		
  Bunsenstr. 7-9		FAX  +49 0551 394493		
  D-37073 Göttingen		Email: schwick at

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