Library Project Template???

Eva Brucherseifer eva at
Tue Dec 19 11:12:22 GMT 2000


more or less...

you create a new project with the C++ or C Template (don't use the libraries 
name here), then you create a subfolder with the name of your library. Now 
you can add or create the library files to this new subfolder. 
If you compile the project you get a static library (you can change this in 
the menu you get by clicking with right mouse-button on the subfolder) with 
the name of the subfolder and a main-program. You can just ignore the main or 
use it for testing.


On Tuesday 19 December 2000 11:38, you wrote:
> Hello!
> Is it possible to develop and build a single library with kdevelop?
> Best regards,
> Stephan Kanthak

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