More annoying default behavior

Thomas Matelich tmatelich at
Thu Dec 14 16:58:33 GMT 2000

"W. Tasin" wrote:

> > 2)  Besides the obvious solution of using -fexceptions, where can I turn
> > off the default -fno-exceptions parameter to g++?
> This question is already answered in the FAQ-file of the kdevelop
> sources.
> Here some answers...
> Q: I´m developing an application which needs exception handling.
>    How can I make it?
> A: Edit the file in your toplevel source directory. Here,
> you
>    have to enter after the AC_CHECK_COMPILERS() macro:
>    and after that you have to recreate your new "configure" by invoking
>    "make -f Makefile.dist" at the toplevel source directory and then
> restart
>    the configure script
>    (or inside KDevelop by using "Build/Autoconf and Automake" and
> "Build/Configure...").

First, isn't regenerated often?  Second why do you force these flags on us?

And to bring up a question that didn't get answered: How can I make it so that the libraries I generate
are not linked into my application?

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