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Thu Dec 14 09:42:00 GMT 2000

On Donnerstag, 14. Dezember 2000 09:10, you wrote:
> Hi, guys!
> OK, I just installed 1.2 and am trying to evaluate it on one of my old
> projects. The problem: If I use "Add existing files", it copies them to
> a single directory. There are over 1000 files in a directory structure
> sometimes 9-deep.

There has been a discussion about this some time ago (jbb certainly remembers
;) and things already changed to the better in kdevelop 1.3.

Still, if you want to continue using 1.2, you may want to use the attached
script I already posted before. It does essentially the same as the "Generate
Project File" in kdevelop 1.3. Run it in the root of your old project
directory without parameters. It creates a file named "auto.kdevprj". Next
time you run kdevelop and open this file, you will be able to use kdevelop
with your existing code.

Alexander Kuit

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