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Thomas Matelich tmatelich at zetec.com
Wed Dec 13 19:17:05 GMT 2000

Thomas Matelich wrote:

> Hi,
> I think I have a bug with KDevelop 1.3.  I wish I could check 1.2 but I
> can't run it :(  Anyway, I have a project (created with Sandy's original
> snapshot build for kde2) with a shared lib subdir.  It is not finding a
> QWidget derived class for moc-ing.  I'm trying to figure out am_edit,
> but I don't know perl.  Any advice would be great, thanks.

So I decided the original project must have been messed up, and am trying to start from scratch.  I
created a qt 2 MDI project and didn't generate GNU files, api doc, user docs or lsm, and I got a
"test25" directory in the same level as "admin".   All it has in it is a "docs" dir which has an "en"
dir and each has a Makefile.  What now?  I'll try some other stuff later.  I can't even apply patches
because I'm using the prebuilt version.

Thomas O Matelich
Senior Software Designer
Zetec, Inc.
sosedada at usa.net
tmatelich at zetec.com

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