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Klaus Muth muth at
Wed Dec 13 10:03:46 GMT 2000

Werner Modenbach wrote:

> Here is what I did:
> After that  my compiler output still shows the following messages:
> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
> /usr/lib/qt-1.45/include/qregion.h:73:182: "defined" without an identifier
so do it the hard way round:
Edit /usr/lib/qt-1.45/include/qregion.h and simply remove lines 
60 - 75, this is:
// Work around clash with the ANSI C++ keyword "xor".
// Use of QRegion::xor() is deprecated - you should use QRegion::eor().
// Calls to QRegion::xor() will work for now, but give a warning.
// If possible, compile the Qt library without this ANSI C++ feature enabled,
// thus including both the old xor() and new eor() in the library, so old
// binaries will continue to work (with the warning).
// We also hide the xor() function if there is a #define for xor, in
// case someone is using #define xor ^ to work around deficiencies in
// their compiler that cause problems with some other header files.
#if !(defined(__STRICT_ANSI__) && defined(_CC_GNU_)) && !defined(_CC_EDG_) && !defined(_CC_HP_) && !defined(_CC_HP_ACC_) && !defined(_CC_USLC_) && !defined(_CC_MWERKS_) && !defined(xor)
    QRegion xor( const QRegion & )	const;

and compilation should work.


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