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root wrote:

Hi Luc,

> Hi,
> i've been trying to install Kdevelop 1.2 on Corel Linux 1.2. I
> previously installed QT 1.44 and G++ 2.95.1. When I run 'make', it will
> compile files until it goes into /X11R6/lib and give me some errors like
> this:
> /usr/X11R6/lib/ undefined reference to
> 'CCorelComboBox::setPalette(QPalette const &)'
> It seems that Kdevelop is trying to compile QT-Corel... what should I
> do? I'm just starting with Linux so it is not very obvious...

Ok, let me explain this. Corel has changed the KDE sourcecode and it
seems that the version they ship with their Linux is even source-code
incompatible somehow. The only solution to this would be to use the
precompiled kdevelop which is available on our ftp site. Just untar it
and run the script in the base directory, that works in all situations.

BTW: hint: seems you are working as root. A Linux system is not intended
to let you work as root. You should consider creating a user account
which you use for daily work, you can change to root any time with the
su command if you have to do administrative work like installing
programs or whatever that requires you to run as root. Otherwise the
sense of a Unix system is just not fullfilled and you could easily mess
up your system by accident.



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