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Rene Maerten delta_x at
Fri Dec 8 06:00:49 GMT 2000

Am Freitag,  8. Dezember 2000 00:19 schrieben Sie:
> I have tried to set my path for kde to: /usr/local/kde2 -- where my
> kde2.0 is installed, by using the Options > kdevelopsetup > Path and
> setting the Kde 2x directory to the appropriate. However, when I try to
> build/make/etc. it uses -I/opt/kde/include (as opposed to
> -I/usr/local/kde2/include). Why? Is there something else I can do to
> correct this? I have not seen on the online docs.
> Thanks,
> -Robin-

i had the same problem. try to delete the file config.cache in the root of your project.
than ./configure again (think you have compiled your project without your kdesettings before)

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