More KDevelop 2 compilation problems

Christian Couder chcouder at
Sat Aug 19 13:00:27 UTC 2000

Florent Pillet wrote :
> Ok I see that the for sourceinfo has been updated in CVS.
> Now there is another problem when compiling KDevelop 2:
> In file included from appwizard.cpp:18:
> appwizard.h:21: appwizardbase.h: No such file or directory
> Looks like there is another commit missing in CVS :=)

Hi Florent,

The problem comes from the use since a few days of QT Designer to create
User Interface files (*.ui files). These *.ui files should be compiled
with the uic compiler.

This compiler should be in your qt bin directory ($QTDIR/bin). If it's
not there then you need to upgrade your Qt to version 2.2.

So you need to have $QTDIR/bin in your PATH if you want the makefile to
find the uic. (I know that we should add some check for this in the
configure script.)

If all the needed files are not generated, try to use the uic by hand to
generate the missing files, like this:

uic -o appwizardbase.h appwizard.ui

to generate appwizardbase.h and then

uic -o appwizardbase.cpp -impl appwizardbase.h appwizard.ui

to generate appwizardbase.cpp


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