Another plea for help

OS owensavill at
Thu Aug 17 21:30:28 UTC 2000


I realise that this is not directly applicable to kdevelop but.....

I have moved to the very latest Red Hat gcc-2.96-52 along with their cpp

I have a simple web page renderer written in C. Building this single file
program with this latest gcc results in it NOT executing on the remote server ! 
Well to be more accurate I don't know if it is not running or just not
outputing anything ! It is neither writing to stdout nor to a file, that's for
sure !

It runs locally, not in a server domain, I mean just running it from the
command line and watching the HTML spewing out into the console. 

I was running gcc-2.95-9mdk, which worked fine. But I have also seen these
symptoms with a Mandrake version, I can't however remember which one.

What could have been done to gcc that allows programs to run locally but not
when called via a script on a remote Apache server ?

Any help would be appreciated since it is a real pain having to switch
compilers !


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