KDevelop and the Qt Designer

Christian Couder chcouder at club-internet.fr
Tue Aug 15 11:59:30 BST 2000

Ralf Nolden wrote :
> Hi Reggie,
> I´ve written a mail to kdevelop-devel yesterday suggesting to add the
> calls to kdevelop-1.2 and add the uic calls and search to the kdevelop
> 1.2 kde2 and qt2 templates so the configure script finds the uic and
> calls it just like moc does.

Hi Ralf,

I started to add a few call to QtDesigner to see if it's difficult and
as you can see with my last mail, it is quite easy to just add the calls
but more difficult to get everything work right.
For example the command "designer -client filename" works right when
called from the command line, but not when called with KSwallowWidget. I
should probably use KProcess with the DontCare runmode instead of
KSwallowWidget, because it seems that KSwallowWidget can work well only
with kde1 apps.

I will tell you how far I can go, but I don't know very well the
template/autoconf/configure stuff so I will probably leave this part of
the work for someone else.


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