schools in Poland

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Tue Aug 15 02:10:00 UTC 2000

   Hi, Damon!

Unfortunatly, I cannot help you much. I'm from Portugal, not Poland 
(PT translation, not PL translation).

Anyway, I'm sure you can esaly get that information visiting some 
polish school/university web pages.

Lucky you got me, as this e-mail account should have already been 
closed. I moved temporarily to happyguy_pt at (until I get 
net by cable, what should be happening late September).

I'm also not envolved with KDevelop translations anymore. As KDevelop 
moved into the KDE main applications, the portuguese KDE translation 
team continued my work and I dedicated myself to other translation 
projects (and also some magazine writing).

Take care and good luck in your demandings.

Duarte Loreto

> I found your name in the Kdevelop mailing list and I hope you won't
> be bothered if I ask a non-Kdevelop question.  Can you tell me if 
> schools in Poland start in the fall, operate for 9 months and have
> 3 months of vacation in the summer or do they operate all year
> long?
> Damon Register

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