OFF TOPIC (Please,forgive me !)

Mingyi Liu mingyi-liu at
Wed Aug 9 11:02:35 UTC 2000

I don't know the answer to your question, but people on comp.os.linux.x
newsgroup helped me when I had questions like this (I got my S3 Trio3D to
work with new XFree86). You may want to try it.

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>         Sorry for this, but maybe some one here knows something.
> I have a Speedstar A90 S3 savage4 16Mb card and FreeBSD 3.3.
> Does anybody on this list has one of these cards working on that
> platform ?
> It works but only in 320x280 16 colors, tops.
> If so, HOW? I tried Xfree 4.0 with no results. Any ideas (besides changing
> the card)?
> Again, forgive me and thanks for "listening".
> Best regards,
> Mario Lobo

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