multi-platform/cross-platform compilation with KDevelop?

Jonathan Singer jsinger at
Sun Aug 6 19:52:07 UTC 2000

> Yes, there are efforts to implement a new projecmanagment for KDevelop2.
> The new one will hopefully support more languages (PHP, Python..), multiple
> targets, shared libs, subprojects, different make systems (automake,tmake)
> and so.

Since the subject came up -- one thing I'd love is project support for the 
new kicker applets. Right now, the best approach seems to be developing it as 
a regular app in KDevelop and then porting it to the applet format. If I were 
less clueless I could probably tweak the KDevelop options to code the applet 
directly. But the great thing about Qt, KDE and KDevelop is that they allow 
even the clueless to make worthwhile software!

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