Kdevelop under KDE2

Serge Lussier lusse at videotron.ca
Sat Apr 22 15:29:31 UTC 2000


I just want to tell my impressions about Kdevelop (2.0?).
I'm really looking forward to jump to KDE2 with KDevelop 2! I saw very great
new look. and the UI is absolutely beautyful. I could just run kdevelop and
load my current
project only, I was unable to compile any things but its obvious... I did
not want to dig deep
into KDE 2 and Kdevelop 2 to use it. I just wanted to have an overall see of
what is coming.

The most appearent (to date, AFAIK) amazing thing about KDE2 is the new
browser (Konqueror).
I think it is the most advanced engine in the world. Gees! I was able to
have a pan window
displaying the web, an other one displaying the file manager and finally
something I did not expect,
a terminal emulator. All in one Window. WOW! I forgot the engine name
 derivated from CORBA?)
I hope the KDE2 developers will keep those features.

The compiler kept to ignore the qt2 and KDE2 stuff.
Nevermind. I can wait and continue to work with kdk1.1 and kde112.

Kdevelop 1.0 beta 2 was part of the kde2 set I installed. I think Kdevlop
and kde2 promise a great future to the Linux/Unix,
XWindows. I don;t want to reject Gnome and GTK, but I always return to QT
and KDE for developing my projects.

Even if KDE1.x.y has a poor look compared to GTK and Enlightement, KDE2 will
make its way to the eye-candy look.
It's never enough to say: Congratulation, Keep on the great work and thank
you all of you, artists and programers
for what you give to us.

Serge Lussier

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