movin on up

Bjoern Krombholz bjkro at
Wed Apr 19 22:46:04 UTC 2000

Benjamin Meyer wrote:
>     Well the time has come.  I am starting to upgrade all my kdevelop
> apps to QT2.0.  There are just to many features that I can use to stick
> to 1.44.  After a hour or so of messing around I still can't figure out
> how to do this under kdevelop.  So I pose the question here.  How do
> I upgrade my apps to qt 2.0?  I set the QT2.0 dir under setup, but can't
> figure out anywhere else to look.

Just set the dir in setup and read through the API docs of QT2. They
offer a lot of helpful information on how to upgrade to QT2.
You'll find them in the source package of QT and may easyly include
them into KDevelop's doc browser.

Then I just compiled and fixed the errors ;)

Btw, why not upgrading to QT-2.1 which is already released?


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