Either a KDevelop Bug, or my own error;

Frank Sanders llsand at privat.wmo.de
Sun Apr 16 17:35:07 UTC 2000

maybe you included .cpp files instead of .h files into your main.cpp

> But, here's the deal.  First, I will say that I'm not the most capable
> C++
> programmer at this point; I'm in like my 3rd course for it at my
> University.
> Now, I have a rather small program that has two classes, and contains
> a few .cpp files and their headers.  One class keeps track of 'student-
> data', and is basically a container.  Another is a hash-table class.  I
> have a third function file just for the hell of it.  (Don't know why...
> but
> I like a 'main.cpp' file to be nigh-unto-empty).
> Now, having what I was taught is the correct way to handle the
> includes for these files, I invoked the build command.
> All the files are fine; there are no errors in them.  However, make
> returns errors about multiple declarations of functions.  Being curious,
> ran a shell and simply used the 'g++ -o program main.cpp' command.
> The program compiled (and runs...) just fine.
> So, now even more curious, I tried removing the class .cpp files from
> the project's LFV (but left them on the disk).  Now, it compiles just
> fine.
> Now, when the program works, this is great - but when I need to run
> into and debug code, it's a bit tedious to move around like that.
> So my question is this:  Is there any reason that having the class's
> .cpp files in the 'sources' section of the LFV results in make returning
> duplicate function definition errors - while removing them from the
> 'sources' section of LFV allows a full compile?

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