[Q]: My app wont run outside Kdevelop

Jerry Kreps JerryKreps at alltel.net
Sat Apr 15 03:03:47 BST 2000

Hi Joachim!

Ah, a native speaker og German!
"werde" = To Be, as it was told to me in my two years of German, which I 
took in graduate school thirty years ago!
Thank God for BableFish!
BTW, I am a devoted SuSE and KDE fan.  The best software engineering in 
the world comes out of Germany, as those two packages testify!  


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On 4/14/00, 4:49:16 PM, Joachim Ansorg <Jockel123 at gmx.de> wrote regarding 
Re: [Q]: My app wont run outside Kdevelop:

> Hi!

> >Jerry Kreps wrote:
> >>
> >> O.K., werde ich nicht!
> >I am curious, what is "werde"?  the rest is easy...

> "werde" is the german future of "sein" = be.
> :-)
> --Joachim

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