using shared libs other than QT/KDE.

Daniel G. Clemmensen DanC at
Thu Apr 13 13:55:43 UTC 2000

Serge Lussier wrote:
> My problem is that the only zlib files I have are the shared .so files.
> I don't know how to use shared libs and how it work...
> Is someone cool and kind to be willing to explain to me what I have to
> do ?
Hi, Serge. I'm not a KDevelop expert, so treat this answer with caution.

 the short answer is: it should just work.

Longer explanation:
  At build time, the linker will look for libraries in a particular
order to resolve any externals that your code uses but does not supply.
When your library (zlib) was installed, it was likely placed in the
default search path somewhere. If not, you will have to add the library
name to the link step (If the library is named libz, you add -lz to the
gcc link step.) If the library is in an unusual place, you will also
need to add the directory to your LIBRARY_PATH environment variable.
  When you install a shared library in your system, the name of the
library is placep in a configuration file that is known to the loader
so the system can find it when you finally run your program.

Incidentally, your question is off-topic, but this raises an interesting
question: Is there an easy way to acquire the HTML versions of the
HOWTO documents and then index them as part of the KDevelop documentation
system? If so, we can begin to answer generic questions like this by
suggesting that the questioner use the index.

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