[Q]: My app wont run outside Kdevelop

Mikkel M. Mortensen mikkel at via-net.dk
Thu Apr 13 08:12:03 UTC 2000

Hi Ralf, Jerry,...

My newbie question is now answered and boy was it simple.
Thanks Ralf for the answer: ./<program name>
I have developed C/C++ programs for many years but only
on the Windows platform. Then for 2 weeks ago I agreed to
make a Linux application in under 30 days. So I stayed up
all night, installed Linux, Kdevelop and RMP'ed alot.
Everything worked fine except this small problem. So thanks
Ralf for your nice answer.

>Have *FUN* using KDevelop, whatever your knowledge is or which OS you
>come from ;-)

Actuelly, coming from the MSVC world, I quite miss the MDI
approach in MSVC. Do any of you know why it was decided to
only have one window for displaying, for instance, source files
in Kdevelop? It is quite nice to see the include file with all
the structures when you edit in your source file.

>Zladdi forever: Krisch Isch Plack !!


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