Problems w/ Dialog Editor

Richard Dale Richard_Dale at
Thu Apr 13 17:29:59 UTC 2000

I had a look at the method in the Dialog Editor that should have been emitting
the 'setSpecialValueText()' code, and saw that the the relevant line was

In kdlgedit.cpp, change the method 'void KDlgEdit::generateQSpinBox()' so it
generates the code for the 'setSpecialValueText()' call when the
'SpecialValText' property is set (line 749 or so):

void KDlgEdit::generateQSpinBox(KDlgItem_Widget *wid, QTextStream *stream,QString _parent)
    KDlgPropertyBase* props = wid->getProps();

    props->dumpConstruct(stream, "QSpinBox", _parent);

    props->dumpPropCall(stream, "setRange",
			props->getPropValue("MinValue") +","+props->getPropValue("MaxValue"));
    props->dumpIntPropCall(stream, "setValue", "Value");

    props->dumpBoolPropCall(stream, "setWrapping", "isWrapping", false);
    props->dumpStringPropCall(stream, "setSpecialValueText", "SpecialValText");

    *stream << "\n";

ie add this line:
    props->dumpStringPropCall(stream, "setSpecialValueText", "SpecialValText");

I'm not sure about the 'Dialog only opening once per session bug'. 

It's a good idea to only submit the minimum info needed to fix the bug in a bug
report - ie just do a test dialog with a single spin box and send in the that.
Perhaps the length of your dialog put off the maintainers..

 -- Richard

On Wed, 12 Apr 2000, Steven Suson wrote:

> Subject : Dialog Editor problem w/ QSpinBox
> Error Class     : software bug
> Error Location  : dialog editor
> Priority        : high
> Bug Description ---------------------------
The other problem, is
> that
> although I have set the SpecialValText property, this does not get
> included
> in the output source code.
> How to repeat the error -------------------
> I am unsure, as this is the first time that I have used the
> SpecialValText
> property. It may be that using this property is sufficient to cause the
> problem. If need be, let me know and I will send you the .kdevdlg file.
> System Information ------------------------
> KDevelop version        : 1.1
> KDE version             : 1.1.1
> QT version              : 1.44
> OS/Distribution         : Red Hat 6.0
> Compiler                : egcs 1.1.2

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