BUG? Diff. moc for Qt & K apps

Markus Svensen svensen at cns.mpg.de
Thu Apr 13 08:25:32 UTC 2000


I'd like to use KDevelop (1.1) to build a Qt application. I use the
AppWizard and it works OK (except for API-docs; see my posting at the

However, when I want to compile, I get:

/bin/moc ./standardmap.h -o standardmap.moc.cpp
make[3]: /bin/moc: Command not found

This is correct insofar that there is no /bin/moc. Using "Clean/Rebuild
all" KDevelop goes through the whole project configuration business, and
somewhere in the middle it says

checking for moc... /bin/moc

This is pure fantasy! There is no "/bin/moc"!! Even more confusing is
that when I do "Clean/Rebuild all" for a little test K-mini-app I
produced before, I get:

checking for moc... /usr/lib/qt/bin/moc

How can this be???


Markus Svensen

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