Changing pixmaps on a label

René Märten delta_x at
Wed Apr 12 21:38:04 UTC 2000

send me the project and i will find out where your problem is.
MfG / Regards
Rene Märten
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From: "Tim Wojtulewicz" <Tim.Wojtulewicz at NAU.EDU>
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Sent: Wednesday, April 12, 2000 5:44 AM
Subject: Changing pixmaps on a label

> I have a small widget in a project that I'm working on that consists of
> three QLabel objects, each holding pixmaps.  It works as a sort of
> status bar with three colored (green, yellow,red) lights.  I'm having a
> small problem with switching what pixmaps are displayed.
> I have three functions called setRed, setGreen, and setYellow.  When
> I call one of them, it changes the pixmap for one so it looks like an
> 'on' state, and turns the other two to an 'off' state.  The first time I
> call one of the functions, it works as it should.  If I try to change it
> again, nothing happens.  The pixmaps stay the way they are.  Anyone have
> any ideas?
> Tim

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