Problems with setting of alarm limits with Fendt Favorit 700

Achim Spangler spangler at
Mon Apr 10 12:53:42 UTC 2000

Dear Torpem Hansem,
our institute is working with a Fendt Vario 700 with built in LBS BUS
(with tractor ECU)
and a Dronningborg Fieldstar Terminal (with Com Unit, actual software

If we connect a LBS ECU which is announcing as a GETY 3 (secondary soil
and which takes the member number 3 (normal announce procedure), the
cant't handle alarm limits any more. the terminal detects our ECU as
secondary soil implement (in the diagnose, system overview mask, where
the software release numbers can be controlled).

Morten Toft was at our institute today, and he told me to contact you
with this problem.

I worked for Fendt from May 1998 to Jul 1998 where I implemented a LBS
ECU for Fendt 500,
so I know the specification of the communication for communicating alarm
limits (Fieldstar specs).

According to this specification, the alarm limit communication works on
CAN layer
without any errors even with a connected soil implement ECU. 
If I switch to the alarm limit menu of the terminal, the terminal asks
the tractor ECU
for the actual alarm limits (watched with CANalyzer).

The tractor answers all alarm limits to the terminal.

If I insert now a new alarm limit, the new value is sent to the tractor
The tractor ECU answers the new value.

But the terminal doesn't display the alarm limit.

It displays only "OFF" for all alarm limits. But in the dialog for a new
alarm limit,
the actual limit value is shown as old value!! So the terminal stores
the value.

Look at the attached CAN log file, where some alarm limits are set (from
timestamp 32.8008 on).

Please inform me, if you need some further informations.

Kind regards,
Achim Spangler
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