Problem with QT.

David BOURIAUD david.bouriaud at
Thu Apr 6 09:34:48 UTC 2000

Hi to all !
Here is my config :
I've a PC with SuSE Linux 6.2 installed on, and I've recently found
kdevelop on the web. Since it occured to me that this could be
interesting to have it so as to develop applications, I downloaded the
latest version, and installed it. I then followed all that was said in
the file INSTALL, and get all that was required to have kdevelop to run.
Indeed it does, but it definetly refuses to compile a project that would
be other than terminal/C or terminal/C++. What else do I have to install
other than Qt libs, xdev and other packages that are required to develop
under X (and particularly under KDE) ? If anyone could be of any help,
thanks by advance !
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